Knowledge is power
The journey to adulthood takes seven years and in that time children go through some big changes. It helps to know what to expect, since if you equip yourself with information, you can deal with new situations better. Here knowledge is definitely power!

Scientists have discovered that teenagers go through a crucial stage of brain development. During this time of change you cannot help but think that teens are 'all accelerator and no brake' and in a world full of temptations, this can sometimes cause a lot of trouble.

Teaching teens to look after themselves during these years is crucial. The focus during this time needs to be on growing up, not trying to be grown up. If you look at each problems that comes your way, and see it as an opportunity for growth and deal with it the best you can, you develop skills that are really awesome later in life. 

Not having all the answers is OK as well, becuase being able to ask for helpwhen you need it is part of growing up. Remember, asking for help does not mean you're weak!

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