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Life Education is a charitable trust that delivers a flexible health programme to children in preschool, primary and intermediate schools, fitting in closely with the Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum and also the Science Curriculum. Each session is delivered using multi-sensory teaching techniques to accommodate all learning styles and help wit retention of knowledge.

Our five Learning Strands are Food and Nutrition, Human Biology, Relationships & Communities, Identity & Resilience and Substances.

What Schools Say About Us

Our educator was absolutely fantastic. She was enthusiastic and made the learning enjoyable for the children. I also think it is special that the lessons take place in a learning area that is different to an ordinary classroom. Harold is also a favourite amongst the children and the teachers :) I would highly recommend this programme to other schools. (Sunnybrea Normal School)

A passionate educator, with resources and knowledge to engage all students in learning. (Albany Primary School)

Life education makes a significant difference by providing key information from a different perspective and different person. Often students respond far more effectively to someone they don't know or only see every year or so. The content is accessible to all levels and the resources are freely available to share within the school. (Murrays Bay School)

It is interactive and appeals to the children. The programme uses different strategies to engage the children from talk to questions, video clips, Harold (always a favourite) and activity. It also relates to situations in the children's own lives and helps with different strategies to solve their problems. (St Joseph's School)

Fantastic delivery from a lovely friendly professional and the different environment (van) is fantastic!!! Loved it all!!!!. (Albany Junior High School)

Relevant and interesting for the children. They love Harold. (Albany Primary)

Enthusiastic knowledgeable facilitator delivered lessons in a surrounding tailor made to suit the needs of the children with state of the art technology. (Milford School)

Its engaging and motivating for the children. It is a place they love to visit, with messages that they can engage with and relate to. It reinforces our class programme and the school curriculum. The programme is enthusiastically delivered which delights the children and makes for lifelong learning of the important messages associated with it. Thank you! (Murrays Bay School)

The incredible energy the facilitator brings to conveying information and checking in with children to ensure individuals are understanding the information. (Milford School)

Excellent, enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructor. Fast, engaging lessons. Great class management. Exciting visual resources. (RidgeView)

The children absolutely adore the educator and Harold. They write stories about them and talk about what they learn for days afterwards. The educator is quick to learn children's names - I don't know how she does it. The teachers are in awe of her. (Manuka Primary School)

A unique experience being held in the mobile classroom with a motivated teacher, lights, resources and of course Harold. (Sunnybrae Normal School)

The different ways it engages the children on issues that matter. (Upper Harbour Primary)

Highly-trained, professional and enthusiastic staff that deliver teaching in a very natural way that the children can relate and respond to. (Campbells Bay School)

The Life Ed program offers information in a fresh innovative way. Just the different venue motivates the students to engage and listen.  Our Life Ed teacher was excellent, she delivered the program in a knowledgeable, fun, 'spontaneous' way that the kids really enjoyed. I was planning to send email about how great she was!! (St Marys Northcote Auckland)

I believe the Life Ed program offers kids a focused, in depth forum for learning in a motivating and engaging environment. I totally believe in educating our kids about healthy relationships, nutrition and health. The kids love it and the book work activities tie nicely into the Health/PE curriculum with social relationships. (Mairangi Bay School)

Exciting, vibrant place of learning. Identifies common themes within our school. (Pinehurst School)

The delivery. The educator is dynamic, engaging and effective. (Carmel College)

Innovative environment and enthusiastic and knowledgeable educators. The kids love Harold too! (Murrays Bay)

Focused lessons, no distractions - great environment - engaging educator - variety in delivery (Pinehill)

This programme provides a very different experience for children. They enjoy the anticipation of entering the van and the fun interesting environment is a big draw card. Lessons are varied and informative and presented by an enthusiastic presenter. (Glamorgan School)

It is a wonderful interactive programme for children and the educator we had was full of vitality and energy which our children loved. (Manuka School)

Experienced and capable staff, superb resources and a great message (Pinehurst)

It is so practical and the linkages are very real and connected. (Westminster Christian)

An exciting learning environment with a lot of visual aids. (Albany Junior High School)

It offers an engaging programme that is very visual and informative. (Browns Bay School)

Life Ed's difference comes in many ways - the classroom is different and the students enjoy that. The material used is fun and different too!. (Westminster Christian School)

The educator is knowledgeable about the topic and pitch the content at the level of the students. The educator is warm and welcoming and is happy to answer teacher questions. The resources are relevant and very helpful. The topics relate to our curriculum. (Sherwood Primary School)

Life Education is an opportunity to get out of the classroom and enjoy a different learning environment. Just by looking at the children's faces when they know they have Life Education or after a session you can tell that they have enjoyed it. If they enjoy it then you know they are learning! (Albany Junior High School)

The programme is engaging. This is mainly attributable to the educator who has this amazing capacity to make every lesson unique and enjoyable. Without exception, we have reports that the lessons that our students attend are appropriate, engaging, and dynamic. The fact that she does this day in and day out is even more exceptional as she never seems bored or routine in her delivery. (Murrays Bay Intermediate)

Outside education delivering strong messages, nature of the classroom, fun parts like Harold. (Birkdale Primary)

We have been very pleased with the professional approach that the educator has taken.  The caravan is very motivational i.e. excellent resources. The children are motivated and very positive about what they learn. (Sunnybrae Normal School)

Engaging the children - They love the visits to the Life Education Van and find it enjoyable and engaging. (Murrays Bay)

Quality of the lessons and their presentation and the use of the van. (Manuka School)

Stimulating use of up to date facts, information & technology in conjunction with using visual, auditory & kinesethic learning to cater for student learning styles. Also answers students directly as they arise in the caravan sessions. (Browns Bay Primary)

The children regard it as a live show, and take Harold and his values to heart. I noticed more empathy within my class once we brought Harold into solving social issues, and it was easier for the children to identify the appropriate responses required in difficult situations. (Pinehurst School)

Engaging and meaningful presentations & activities provided in the classroom. (Sherwood Primary School)

The children (Year 1) absolutely love visiting the bus and Harold. They love the experience of the bus and were very disappointed when told that a power problem meant our class could not have their second visit in the bus.  The educator was great though and her classroom lesson was excellent and the disappointment was not mentioned again. :0). (Sunnynook Primary.)

It is a personal programme which uses real situations which targets the students straight interest. It was a great programme and the class really enjoyed it! (Northcote Intermediate School)

The educator is amazing, and has a wonderful rapport with the children. She is very knowledgeable about the content. No matter how old the kids are, they all love Harold! (Greenhithe School)

Very passionate staff and a unique learning experience to engage the students in an authentic context. (Albany Primary School)

The educator was so engaging that the kids looked forward to going to the caravan. The environment is also quite different and unique. This was my first experience with Life Education and it was fantastic, I enjoyed it just as much as my students. (Albany Junior High School)

In depth knowledge and energised, engaging delivery of the programme by the educator. (Wairau Intermediate.)

The kids love the truck and Harold. A very creative way of teaching. Thanks:). (Westminster Christian School)

The mobile classroom and the facilitators enthusiasm when delivering the programme. (Sunnybrae Normal School)

The presenter is your best resource. She is simply outstanding, hardworking and professional. (Rosmini College)

Interesting delivery of information. Giraffe theme and interaction stimulates children and reinforces messages. (Sherwood Primary)

The real life scenarios of which the children can relate. In addition, the educator's presentation triggered further discussion with the children once we were back in class, which lead onto a deeper understanding of the key aspects of what we viewed and experienced. (Beach Haven Primary School)

Fun. The kids love Harrold and the classroom in the van (Takapuna Primary School)

They make the learning accessible to all children in the way in which it is presented. (Belmont Primary School)

How Do I Get Life Ed Into My School?

We go into schools by invitation and see over 250,000 children each year around the country. On the North Shore we have two mobile classrooms operating from 2013 onwards: each classroom visits about 8,000 children every year.

Here are the steps involved in a Life Education school visit:

1. Contact the North Shore Life Education educator to request a booking. As the North Shore Life Education Mobile Classroom is very popular, bookings need to be made well in advance.
2. Review the Life Education Teachers Resource Folder.
3. The educator will arrange to attend your staff meeting to discuss strands, learning modules and resources, and to set the timetable for the visit to your school.
4. Teachers carry out the pre-visit teaching, in preparation for the Life Education visit.
5. Life Education and Harold visit your school! Your students will attend two or more sessions, varying in length according to the Learning Module selected and age of the students.
6. Workbooks are provided for each student. These can be used in the classroom or used as homework.
7. Your teachers, health-coordinator or principal carry out a post-visit evaluation.

Life Education Teachers Resource Folder

Each school that uses Life Education has a folder which has an overview of the learning modules that we offer. Schools are invited to choose from a menu of learning modules, selecting what best fits their needs.

For classroom teaching planning assistance, each learning module has WALTs (We Are Learning To...) statements and key messages that will be taught and these are outlined in the Teacher's Resource Folder.

There is also a brief synopsis of the teaching that will be covered and the takehome workbook that accompanies the learning module. 
The resource folder has sheets that can be photocopied for each module, to be used for pre-visit preparation and post-visit assessment. For more information on the programme, and how to design lessons specifically for your school, syndicate or even individual classroom, visit the 'Our Programme' section on the national Life Education website.
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