National Service Centre

What is Life Education?

Life Education is a nation-wide charitable trust that delivers a health programme to children in preschool, primary and intermediate schools, reaching children up to Year 8. 

We go into schools by invitation, not by right and see over 250,000 children each year. The nation-wide Life Education Trust works together with local community trusts around New Zealand.Each trust has at least one mobile classroom and one or more trained educators. Life Education Trust North Shore is one of these local community trusts. Like other local trusts, our trust is run by volunteers: dedicated individuals who have an interest in building a better world for the children in our community. Each year we raise funds in the local community to keep the programme financially accesible for our schools.

What is the National Service Centre?

A small team in Wellington works for the national Life Education Trust at the so called National Service Centre, setting the educational course for the years ahead. National Service Centre also helps local trusts with hiring new educators and training them to teach all the different modules Life Education has to offer.  

If you would like to read more, please click here to go to Life Education's national website, which will be opened in a new window.
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