Life Education - 25 years on the Shore!

Did you know that this year, 2017, is a very special year for Harold on the North Shore? The educators and I have been teaching at North Shore schools for 25 years, and I am promised a big birthday cake in November! Yes, all the educators since 1992, and all the trustees are invited to a party on Thursday, 16th of November.

We have sent out invitations to everybody we have been able to find so far who has an e-mail address. If you are an ex-educator or ex-trustee for Life Education on the North Shore or if you know somebody who is, it would be really helpful if you could let my trustee friends know by e-mail at If you would like to share our event with your friends on Facebook, use the following link for sharing ;-)

Thank you, really appreciated!

Lotto helping out charities!

A few months ago Corinne and I were chosen by Lotto to be featured in their ‘Good on You’ series showcasing charities supported by Lotto NZ funding, like Life Education. A film crew came to Torbay School and filmed for a good part of the day: in the classroom when Corinne was teaching, outside the classroom with several students, and in the break talking with just Corinne. Corinne and I had an awesome time and the students at Torbay School were GREAT! 

Would you like to see the end result, then click here!

Target Road School helping out Harold

Did you know that three senior students at Target Road School took the initiative to organise a mufti day, with an animal theme, when educator Jenni and I were visiting the school recently? I don't think I have have ever seen so many animal onsies together: it was amazing! I even saw a few more giraffes... All the proceeds from the day were donated to the Life Education Trust right here on the North Shore. A really big THANK YOU to all involved.

Harold and the Great Auckland Duck Race!

Did you know that Harold and many, many of his friends and supporters have joined up with an army of yellow plastic ducks, for a wet and wonderful event on Sunday, 12th of November. Vector Wero Whitewater Park will be hosting The Great Auckland Duck Race to raise money for Life Education and other charities?

If you'd like to, your school can participate for free with one little duck: decorate it in the school colours or get even more creative. Companies can support this event as well: buy your duck and support the causes benefiting from The Great Auckland Duck Race. You’ll receive a mighty duck for you to dress in its best branded racing gear. Get your duck ready to ride the rapids or go for gold with company branding, speedy suits or cute and creative designs. There'll be a prize for the best dressed business duck!

Brilliant letter-writing at Onepoto School

Did you know I receive all kinds of letters and drawings and home-made giraffes and poems from students who have been to my classroom? This makes me feel very, very special. It also helps me to remember all those unique moments inside the mobile classroom and how much all these new friends are learning about food, and our body and important things like 'self-esteem' while we are having fun together!

A few weeks ago I received a whole thick pack of letters from the children in Room 7 of Onepoto School where Harriet and I had been visiting in February.

Would you like to read more of them? I can't put them all up, but go to the "Letters" section here on the website and you can read more, from Room 7 and from other students!

And if you would like to write to me, or make a drawing, you can send it to:
Harold the Giraffe
PO Box 100 097
North Shore,
Auckland 0745

Pinehill school's creative powers!

Did you know that the students from room 10 at Pinehill school in 2015 are absolute fantastic? Producers Langee, Alan and Hyunsoo made a super-cool movie about our very own super-computer? Corinne and all the marvellous actors from room 10 are all in this super-clip.

Just one word of warning: you'll have the catchy song in your head for the rest of today!

'There is a super computer, that can do anything,
It can count, it can smile, it can talk, it can sing
It can run, it can jump, it can laugh, it can cry
With a compact portable power supply.
Super computer can pass any test
Its specifications are ahead of the rest
It's easy to operate and maintenance free
There's one inside you and there's one inside me!

It's a super computer (3x)
What's its name
It's a super computer
It's your brain!

Harold at Albany Toyota

As part of a promotion running at Albany Toyota in July 2015, Harriet, Corinne and myself and one of our classrooms were in the yard in Albany during the school holidays!

Teens in here!